"A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job."

— John Wayne, American Conservative

'Words are loaded pistols,' wrote Jean-Paul Sartre. John Wayne's words were as powerful as the six-guns he wore on his hips. On and off screen, he didn't speak much, but when he did, he got straight to the point and had something to say.

Unquestionably the most popular and durable star in film history, John Wayne is not only the archetype of rugged individualism and template of authentic Americanism, but according to the author, the most authentic voice of the Conservative movement.

This book presents an articulation of wisdom from an icon of the Old Right, fascinating for its probity and sincerity. The compilation is a challenge to so-called Conservatives and a valuable reference regardless of the reader's political ideology.

To better understand the simpler, more heroic America John Wayne loved so deeply, CLICK HERE.

"Straight from the Duke's mouth, Michael Turback draws out what a real Conservative is all about. Once again, Turback serves up one of American pop culture's greatest institutions in delicious, fun-size bites."

- Eric Lichtenfeld, author of Action Speaks Louder: Violence, Spectacle, and the American Action Movie